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Since 1986, Platt & Associates, Inc. has worked tirelessly to build not only our reputation as a quality Freight Brokerage, but also as a trusted and valued business associate for the motor carriers with which we work. We try to insure that the rates we offer are fair to all parties, and that our contracted carriers are paid in a timely manner. We pay within 30 days after receipt of required paperwork, (even when we have not been paid) and are trying to reduce that 30 day turnaround period. We have a “QuickPay” program at a 5% fee (here we are working with our own monies and not the bank’s).

Granted, our carrier standards are higher than most other Brokers, due to our desire to maintain a higher degree of professionalism in the industry. This also helps to create and maintain a better quality customer base. We know that the relationship with our carriers is equally

as important as the relationship with our customers. We also believe in working out minor differences quickly, before they can become larger problems.

Carrier solutions

Platt & Associates is looking for trucking companies that pride themselves in excellent service, value, and which have the capacity to support our freight network. We have available loads in the United States, Canada, and some Mexican points almost daily. You can send your available truck list to



Platt & Associates has freight hauls for carriers with Flats, Steps, RGNs and other Specialized Trailers as well as Vans. We post Local Freight, and Long Haul Loads. Whether you have one truck or a thousand trucks, Platt and Associates is interested in working with you to discuss your capacities and preferred transit lanes. To begin, please contact us.


Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to those that have experienced working with us first hand.

Roadmaster Specialized

Roadmaster Specialized

RoadMaster Specialized ... Glendale, AZ

Platt = Paid Promptly

In a nut shell .. Straight honest people
We never worry about getting paid .. Very good honest company (Rare these days)
If they say .. we will pay x dollars for a movement ... that is exactly what you receive

It is refreshing to participate in rates and charges on O.D. loads ... we get a say !!
(pretty good stuff)

They have a good grip on each situation .. they understand what needs to be done
and when .. (that also is rare)

If I was going to build a 5 star Brokerage ... these are the guys I would copy

Jim McCain

Riverbrook Trucking

Riverbrook Trucking

Without a doubt Platt and Associates is one of the best companies we have the pleasure to work for. I could go on and on about our relationship with them, but to sum it up, it comes down to professionalism. They are one of the only trucking brokers I work with that truly do care about the carriers. They always seek to provide a rate that is ideal for all parties involved. They have a great understanding as too the high costs associated with heavy haul trucking and understand that if we the carriers can’t pay the bills then the whole industry starts to fall down. They always pay their invoices and its nice doing work for a company that causes us to have no stress about getting paid. Their longevity in the industry speaks volumes for what kind of outfit they really are.

Nick Duren
Sales and Estimating
Riverbrook Trucking

Combined and Machine Carriers

Combined and Machine Carriers

We have been working with Platt & Associates the last 15 years hauling anything from LTL to a 146,000 pound drill. In an industry filled with fly by night brokers, it’s great to work with a company that knows what heavy haul trucking is all about. They have always had a can do attitude, even when problems arise we can always count on them to be part of the solution and never the problem. We have enjoyed doing business with Platt & Associates and look forward to working together for years to come.

Brad Kay
Operation Manager
Combined and Machine Carriers

Pan Western Corp.

Pan Western Corp.

We at Pan Western Corp have worked with and for Platt &Associates for the last 10 years. As a vendor to Platt we have hauled a large assortment of equipment and machinery for them. All their dimensions have been correct as have been the loading and unloading directions. They have paid their bills on time, which we appreciate. When we use Platt to move loads for us, they find trucks at a very competitive rate and follow up on the trucks to make sure that they are at the pick place on time and deliver the equipment on time.

I would highly recommend Platt & Associate for your shipping needs, or to take freight from them.

Mitchell Truman
Pan Western Corp

Global Specialized Services LLC

Global Specialized Services LLC

The team here at Global Specialized Services has been working with Platt & Associates for over 20 years. Platt & Associates is a unique broker, they are always upfront and honest in their business. The rates are fair and the invoices are paid on time, with no questions asked. Our customers are highly valued here at GSS and Platt is no exception to this. They have worked with us early on in our business and helped us grow in this industry. With the integrity and quality service they give us, I would recommend their services to any transportation company.

Matthew Orr
Transportation Manager
Global Specialized Services LLC

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