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About Us - Platt & Associates


190+ years of combined experience in the trucking industry


Here at Platt & Associates we have cultivated an enviable reputation in the industry for the quality of our professionalism, and our service. Not only that, but we provide these services to you at the best available prices that meet or beat those of our competitors. We have the capability to verify the insurance coverage and authority of our carriers to haul every classification of freight , so you can be assured your shipment is in the best possible hands.

Platt & Associates is constantly improving our knowledge of the trucking industry. Our latest accomplishment is having four of our Associates Mark Platt, and Bennett Platt passing the CTB examination and becoming Certified Transportation Brokers. Platt and Associates is continuing to strive to be the best by having additional associates study to achieve this goal.

After 19 years in middle and upper management in the trucking industry, specializing in Heavy Haul, we had the opportunity to start our own business in 1986. By stressing hard work based on knowledge, honesty, and integrity, and help from the Lord, we are continuing to grow.

TIA Performance Certified!!

a transCredit score of 100%

Platt & Associates Inc. has taken another step to stand out in our industry, by applying to become TIA Performance Certified in July of 2009. After the TIA Performance Certification Committee interviewed our credit score, the TIA Performance Certification program contacted us at Platt & Associates Inc. to congratulate and welcome us to the program with a TransCredit score of 100%. This is something we have worked hard for and are proud to have achieved.

We now have more that 190 years of combined experience in the trucking industry, and feel that we have a unique service that can be a valuable asset to your company. As a Transportation Brokerage Company, we can expedite your freight moves and compliment your traffic department by offering a single contact service.

We have a capable staff and keep updated on industry changes, this enhances our ability to give superior service to our customers throughout the United States and Canada. One call to Platt & Associates, Inc. will assure a comparison of the best prevailing rates. We contact Qualified Carriers with the Proper Equipment. We then relay to you the best rates as quickly as possible. We have arrangements with 3000 plus carriers,including most of the major carriers in the United States and Canada.


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Get To Know Us

Mark Platt
  • Mark platt
    Mark platt Owner/Sales & Marketing
Lori Platt
Tyler Platt
  • Mike Kiholm
    Mike Kiholm Senior Account Executive
  • Jennifer Jensen
    Jennifer Jensen Dispatch/Personal Assistant
  • Lesley Sheldon
    Lesley Sheldon Dispatch/Personal Assistant